Saturday, January 23, 2010

HOLIDAYS OF 2009 / 2010

Our Alabama family holiday was a little later than usual this year. We didn't get to Tuscaloosa until New Years and so this began our time together. This year we didn't get to see Scott. He was off on a holy pilgrimage with the youth. (ski trip) And while Amber nor I like this picture, it was the only one I got with her and so, sorry Amber, I had to go public with it! Our little munchkins were playing with Devin and Emily on the other side. Ellie found these reindeer antlers and decided they were a good accessory with her outfit! They are so much fun and soooo cute! We gave Ellie and Jack Christmas presents from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Dana. They really like them. They were ornaments. Ellie's was a cheerleader and Jack's was a soccer player. Martha came and brought us this beautiful bowl filled with clementines. We love those! Our friends had gotten VERY creative this year and Martha etched our name in this bowl! Paul gave Devin a fishing Santa. Devin loved it. Paul has gotten him a number of these over the years and they are such fun decorations to put out at Christmas. It's a great reminder of all the fishing trips they used to do together when Devin was little. Paul and Martha really liked the wooden trivetts we brought them from Jamiaca. Paul kept Emily stumped trying to figure out how to open her present for a long time. It was a gift certificate from Starbucks encased in a tricky holder. Took her awhile. But she is a very determined young lady of course she conquered it! This was her first experience with Paul's gifts. (they are always creative and fun!)
Devin also got this great hoodie from Paul. Devin will wear it proudly I know at IWU! Devin also warned Bob "hands off!"

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